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The Covid-19 vaccination programme has begun. In Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, a few different health and care organisations including hospitals, GP practices, care homes and others are working together on the Covid-19 vaccination programme. This means when it is your turn to be vaccinated, this may not be at your GP practice.

In line with expert guidance, the first priority for vaccination is care homes residents and staff, people over the age of 80 and frontline health and care workers. We understand a lot of people want to be vaccinated and would like to reassure you this will happen. Please be patient.

For further information on why you are being asked to wait for your Covid-19 vaccine, please read the information on the GOV.UK website or this leaflet.



Age specific cohorts



  1. Age cut off applied


Clincally Extremely Vulnerable



  1. Must take Invitation to Book or Sheilding letter to appointment or will be turned away


Frontline Workers



  1. Disclaimer on booking to confirm they are a frontline Health or Social Care worker
  2. Must show ID on arrival if requested. This could be staff badge, payslip, contract of employment or eligibility letter (provided by Programme)


Please do not telephone the surgery to enquire about COVID vaccinations. Our telephone lines and receptionists are overwhelmed with calls about this.


If you have received a vaccine invitation letter please telephone the number on the letter if you have any queries, including about transportation to the vaccine centres. If you receive a vaccine invitation letter please book an appointment at one of the vaccination hubs as soon as possible.


Calverton Practice Patients:

If you are eligible for a flu vaccine and we have not yet contacted you, please telephone the Practice to book an appointment. 

It is particularly important that any eligible patients have their flu jab. As a general reminder this includes patients who are 65 and over or otherwise at risk due to Diabetes, Heart problems, Stroke or TIA, COPD / Asthma (the latter only if on regular steroid inhalers), low immunity, some liver and kidney disease and very importantly pregnancy.


Patients over the age of 50 will be able to get their free flu vaccine from 1 December in the next phase of this year’s expanded flu vaccination programme, please telephone the Practice to arrange an appointment.


Patients aged 65 and over will be eligible for a pneumonia vaccination (if not had previously) and some patients will be eligible for a booster every 5 years (no spleen or kidney disease).


Our target Shingles vaccination population are those aged 70 and over but under 80 years of age as individuals remain eligible until they turn 80 years; and have not previously had any shingles vaccination. 

If you require a pneumonia or shingles vaccination please telephone the Practice to arrange an appointment.

We know some of our patients are housebound and not able to attend the practice; any appointments for a home visit will still need to be requested via the Practice.

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Access to NHS Dentistry

Access to NHS Dentistry is currently limited during the pandemic as all dentists have been asked to stop all routine “face-to-face” dental care.

However, if you need urgent dental care, help is at hand:

CALL your dental practice:

They will give you advice over the telephone and make arrangements for you if you need to be seen.

If you don’t have a dentist, find your nearest dentist and CALL them. You can search for your nearest dentist at: https://www.nhs.uk/service-search/find-a-dentist

You can also contact NHS 111:

You can ask for a translator if you need one.

NHS 111 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 

If you’re deaf, you can:

Do not worry if you have COVID-19 symptoms, appropriate arrangements can be made to see you if you need urgent dental care.